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    Common transformer core functions and characteristics
  • The multi-point grounding of the transformer core is a general-purpose fault. Although it can form a local overheating of the vicious cycle, the loss caused by the initial ground current is small and it is difficult to detect from the no-load loss. Small and medium-sized power transformers are generally cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets, type q-q6, or cold-rolled high-magnetic oriented silicon steel sheets, model 27qg-qg; and silicon steel sheets produced by distribution transformers are cold-rolled in addition to the above two types. Non-oriented silicon steel sheet, model w2w

    Research Intentions and Implications The first chapter of the preface follows the growth of the social economy. Humans rely on electric power more and more, and the response to the reliability of power supply also puts forward higher requirements. The thickness of each level is measured by the caliper or steel ruler when the pressure is measured. The thickness specified by the appropriate drawing should be left with a certain margin. The main stage thickness should have a positive error. The main flux of the AC core coil and the supply voltage.

    At present, there are three main methods for detecting the multi-point grounding fault of the transformer core. There are three main methods for detecting whether the transformer core is grounded at multiple points, namely, measuring the iron core insulation resistance method, measuring the grounding current of the iron core, and detecting the characteristic gas of the transformer insulating oil. Chromatographic analysis.

    Silicon steel sheets are soft magnetic materials in magnetic materials. Magnetic materials have isotropy and anisotropy. The so-called anisotropy has the best magnetic characteristics of one or several targets, and it is intended to be used in these targets. When magnetization is saturated, the energy required is the lowest, so the intent of these targets is called the intention of easy magnetization; the energy values required to magnetize to saturation in other targets other than the above are all the energy required for the purpose of the easy magnetization target. Therefore, when making an anisotropic magnetic material, it is necessary to pay attention to the intent of its magnetic properties. The iron core lamination is made up of electric steel magnetic strips stacked or wound. The iron core parts are mainly composed of clips, feet, struts, drawstrings, pull screws and nails.

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