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    Nuremberg PCIM Europe 2015
    • The transformer always works in communication state, and the power loss is not only in the resistance of the coil, but also in the iron core under the alternating current magnetization. Generally, the...
    Nuremberg PCIM Europe 2015
    • The actual transformer always works in the AC state, and the power loss occurs not only in the resistance of the coil but also in the core of the alternating current magnetization. Usually the power l...
    Nuremberg PCIM Europe 2015
    • 1, shell and core coreThe part of the winding in the iron core is called the "heart column", and the part in which the winding only acts as the magnetic circuit is called the "iron yoke". Where the ir...
    Nuremberg PCIM Europe 2015
    • The multi-point grounding of the transformer core is a general-purpose fault. Although it can form a local overheating of the vicious cycle, the loss caused by the initial ground current is small and ...
    Nuremberg PCIM Europe 2015
    • 1 What is abnormal in the operation of the transformer?1.1 If the oil is leaking during operation, the oil level is too high or too low, the temperature is abnormal, the sound is abnormal, and the coo...

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