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    Tianchang Shengtai Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianchang City, Dongdaemun, Anhui Province. It is located in the hinterland of East China, facing the Yangtze River in the south, Huaihe River in the north, Gaoyou Lake in the east, Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the west, National Highway 205-Ninglian Expressway and Ninghuai The expressway runs through the territory. The urban area is 51 kilometers away from Yangzhou, 75 kilometers away from Nanjing, and only about 3 hours away from Shanghai. The waterway passes through Gaoyou Lake directly to the major ports along the river and along the coast. Tianchang is a springboard for the eastern coastal areas and the central inland areas, and is an important supporting processing production base in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.

           The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of electronic components, mainly including transformers, iron cores and other products. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, innovative and advanced, quality-oriented, service-oriented", with high-quality, reasonably priced products. Pushed to the market, trusted by the majority of customers, at present, the products have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, marine, industrial automation, instrumentation, computers, high-end household appliances and other industries.

           Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the quality of survival, technology and development, management and efficiency of the management policy, and actively cooperate with the national scientific research department, the introduction of advanced technology in developed countries, take the road of scientific development. The company has a complete physical and chemical analysis test and testing equipment, and implements all-round layer control and effective management of product quality. Continuously improve the company's product quality and management level. At the same time, with the fast sales system and after-sales service network, the company's products have won the satisfaction of customers from all over the world, and the company trusts them. The domestic and foreign markets are highly praised.

           Tianchang Shengtai Magnetoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to communicate with you sincerely, friendly cooperation, and growth together to create a successful future!


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