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    Introduce the use of toroidal transformers
  • Structure and performance of toroidal transformer

    It has been found that the coil eddy current loss (iron loss) wound by the toroidal core is minimized, and the core of the transformer is processed into a ring shape. The core of the toroidal transformer is made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet with a thickness of 0.35 mm or less, which is seamlessly wound into a shape. The coil is evenly wound around the core, and the direction of the magnetic flux generated by the coil completely coincides with the magnetic circuit of the core, and the eddy current loss caused by the alternating current passing through the coil is minimized. Compared with the U-type and E-type transformers, the core loss is reduced by more than 50%, thereby increasing the conversion power of the transformer or the isolation.

    The core of the toroidal transformer can be processed to the extent of no air gap, the stacking factor can be as high as 95% or more, and the core magnetic permeability can be 1.5 to 1.8T (the laminated core can only take about 1.2T or lower), thus the toroidal transformer The electrical conversion power can reach more than 95%. The odorless structure of the toroidal transformer core enables the no-load current to be very small, and there is no heat generation under long-term energization.

    The space occupied by the length, width and height of the toroidal transformer is a cylindrical structure, and its volume is reduced by about half compared with the U-shaped E type. Toroidal transformer. The iron core has no air gap, and the winding is evenly wound around the annular core. The magnetic circulation structure is simply in a closed space, and the leakage magnetic flux is small, the electromagnetic radiation is weak, and the external magnetic interference capability is strong, and no shielding layer is needed. Installed on a variety of messy electronic devices, without any electromagnetic interference.

    Since the core has no air gap, the magnetic permeability is high and there is no sensational noise of the physical structure. Even in high-current, high-load operation environments, people's hearing cannot feel noisy. The outline drawing of the toroidal transformer is as follows:

    When the toroidal transformer is loaded and operated, its own temperature is very low. Usually, the iron loss can be less than 1W/kg, which is especially suitable for transformers with small heat dissipation space.

    The toroidal transformer power is usually determined by its diameter and height. The higher the power, the corresponding increase in volume and weight. Various power standards, various input and output voltages are very flexible, and the processing equipment is simple and fast.

    The full-load operation of the toroidal transformer is only 40 C, which can guarantee short-time overload operation. A grade B (130 C) polyester film insulation is used between the primary and secondary windings to saturate the AC 4000V, 1 minute withstand voltage test.

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