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    Introduction to the classification of iron core
  • 1, shell and core core

    The part of the winding in the iron core is called the "heart column", and the part in which the winding only acts as the magnetic circuit is called the "iron yoke". Where the iron core surrounds the winding, it is called a shell type; where the winding surrounds the core column is called a core type. Both the shell type and the core type have their own characteristics, but the transformer manufacturing process determined by the iron core is quite different. Once a certain structure is selected, it is difficult to produce a structure. Most of the transformer cores in China use stacked cores.

    2, single-phase and three-phase iron core

    The single-phase iron core has a single two-column laminated iron core. Single-phase single-column yoke four-column core, single-phase double-column stacked iron core, single-phase radiating laminated iron core; five-phase three-phase iron core with three-phase column-type laminated iron core, three-phase yoke type five-column There are four cores, three-phase double-frame stacked iron core and three-phase reactor laminated iron core.

    3, stereo and flat

    The three-dimensional column and the iron yoke are not in one plane, and there are radiant, involute, and symmetrical. Because the magnetic flux distribution is relatively uniform, the loss can be reduced; the planar core and the iron yoke are in the same plane, and the machine High strength and good processability.

    4, stacked iron core and coil core

    They are usually laminated cores, which are stacked from iron cores. The form of the coil core is more. The air gap between the ingot of the involute core and the iron yoke is large, affecting the no-load current, so the capacity cannot be made too small; but because the leakage flux vertically enters the plane of the iron chip, affecting the additional loss, the width of the sheet is not suitable. Too big, that is, the capacity cannot be too large.

    The core consists mainly of the core body, fasteners and insulation:

    1 iron core body, magnetic conductor, made of electrical steel sheet.

    2 fasteners, clips, screws, glass ties, just ties and pads.

    3 Insulation, clip insulation, insulation and insulation pads, grounding lugs and feet.

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