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    Brief description of transformer operation and maintenance and accident handling
  • 1 What is abnormal in the operation of the transformer?

    1.1 If the oil is leaking during operation, the oil level is too high or too low, the temperature is abnormal, the sound is abnormal, and the cooling system is not normal, etc., try to eliminate it quickly.

    1.3 The internal sound of the transformer is very large, very abnormal, there is a popping sound; the temperature is abnormal and rising continuously; the oil conservator or the safety airway is injecting oil; the oil leakage is caused by serious oil leakage

    1.4 When it is found that the oil temperature of the transformer is high, and the oil level of the oil temperature should be significantly reduced, it should be refueled immediately. When you refuel, you should abide by the rules. If the oil level drops abruptly due to a large amount of oil leakage, the gas maintenance should be changed to only act on the signal, and it is necessary to adopt agile measures to block the oil spill and immediately refuel. ?

    1.5 When the oil level of the transformer is gradually increased due to the temperature rise, if the oil level at the highest temperature may be higher than the oil level indicator, the oil should be drained to reduce the oil level to an appropriate height to avoid oil spill.

    2 Viewing during transformer operation?

    2.1 Check if the upper oil temperature of the transformer exceeds the allowable scale. Due to the size of each transformer and the different cooling conditions, the transformer in operation cannot exceed the upper limit of the oil temperature. It should also be compared with the previous oil temperature according to the previous operating experience and under the above circumstances. If the oil temperature suddenly increases, check whether the cooling equipment is normal, whether the oil circulation is damaged, etc., to determine whether there is any fault inside the transformer.

    2.2 Check the oil quality, it should be bright, micro-striped yellow, which can distinguish the quality of oil. The oil level should conform to the standard line of ambient temperature. If the oil level is too low, check whether the transformer leaks oil. If the oil level is too high, check the use of the cooling equipment and if there is an internal fault.

    2.3 The acoustic response of the transformer is normal. There is generally a uniform electromagnetic noise during normal operation. If the sound has changed, you should carefully check it and report it to the dispatcher and ask the maintenance unit for processing. ?

    2.4 Whether the casing is clean, the power supply and the oil pump meet the requirements of operation. The casing should be checked for cleanliness, cracks and discharge marks, and the cooling equipment should be normal. The operation, backup power supply and oil pump should meet the operational requirements and so on. ?

    2.5 Special observations should be made when there is a change in weather. When there is strong wind, check whether the lead is violently oscillated. There should be no debris at the top cover of the transformer and the lead of the casing. In heavy snow, the contacts of each part should not melt or discharge immediately after falling snow. In the foggy day, there is no spark discharge in each part. Phenomenon and so on.

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